Frequently Asked Questions

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Can't Find your Name?

If you can not find your name, please go to our Registration page, fill in the required information and submit. You however must be a valid Staff Member of Makerere University.

Already registered but still can't find your information?

If you guarantee that you already registered but are unable to locate your information, please contact the IT Help Desk or send an email to

Your Contact Information is Faulty/Wrong?

Click the "My Account" link on the main menu and sign in. You'll immediately see your profile, click the Edit tab next to the view tab (on top of your profile) and edit your contact information. If you're unable able to log in or forgot your password, click the "Request New Password" tab to have a new password sent to your email.

Private Information

Your private information e.g. Personal Number is not accessible by anybody. It's only availed to the registered members of this Directory.